Eating our Own Dogfood on BRCK Expeditions

Erik Hersman | November 15th, 2017

This last week I was part of a BRCK expedition team that traveled from Nairobi through the Chyulu Hills, and oversea to the small island of Pemba in t...

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Give More to the World Than You Take

Erik Hersman | November 14th, 2017

A random seating assignment by a friend on an airplane leads to an email intro, which leads to a meeting in Nairobi. Two years later and I find out th...

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Access Granted

Brian Birir | November 13th, 2017

Flashback It’s 1995. Computers are a rarity in Kenyan homes but common in commercial banks, government institutions, and private companies and a...

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Pemba Experience

Ruth Kamande | November 9th, 2017

How well do I know my Swahili language now that I have it as one of the languages that I speak fluently? Pemba expedition has helped me put this on th...

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Of Dhows and Drones

Reg Orton | November 9th, 2017

Increasingly, tech companies are moving to Shenzhen, Taipei, and Seoul. At the same time, BRCK is getting itself further and further into the remotest...

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Pemba Shimoni

Reid Arensen | November 8th, 2017

This BRCK expedition to Pemba has been two years in the making, and in that time my mind has often considered what it would be like for me to come bac...

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Breakfast at Mukururo

Elizabeth Gikebe | November 7th, 2017

When you hear about breakfast at Mukururo base near Amboseli, what do you think it looks like? Some hyenas eating a lion’s leftovers? Well… I woul...

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Wrestling Buffalo and Chasing Rainbows

Philip Walton | November 5th, 2017

I love BRCK Expeditions! I love the intensity, the camaraderie, and – above all – I love the adventure. You never know what is going to ha...

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