Reflecting on 5 Years of BRCK

Erik Hersman | October 15th, 2018

It was 5 years ago that we created BRCK as a company, and I’ve had the great joy of being on a journey with some fantastic people, including the thr...

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Why Silicon Valley should pay more attention to the Great Rift Valley (and other places in Africa)

Stephen Gacheru | August 10th, 2018

This is a guest post by Philip Smart, a UNC-Chapel Hill student from the US, sharing his takeaways from a summer in Africa interning for BRCK. BRCK is...

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Mark Kamau | February 27th, 2018

I recently had an opportunity to represent BRCK in the largest design conference in the world, Design Indaba. At the conference, I had a chance to rep...

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PicoBRCK for WASH – UNHCR, Dadaab Refugee Complex

Clarence Alucho | February 21st, 2018

There is never a dull moment when the BRCK engineering team goes out for a field trip to test out new tech. The experience and victories gained are al...

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Furahiday at BRCK

Sheila Zubeda | February 14th, 2018

If you ask me, Furahiday is one of the best days for me here at BRCK. It is a day where everyone gets a hands-on experience with users of the Moja Fre...

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BRCK Expedition Pemba Photo Essay

Philip Walton | November 27th, 2017

I struggle to be like Erik and get my images edited and up on Instagram in the middle of chaos.  I come from the days of big cameras, film, darkrooms...

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SupaBRCK at Afro-Tech Fest in Germany

Jeff Maina | November 24th, 2017

A few weeks back, BRCK was in Germany attending Afro-Tech Fest where we presented our core product, the SupaBRCK, as part of the art exhibition. From ...

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21st Century Economies Need Power and Connectivity

Erik Hersman | November 20th, 2017

I was bumping along a waterlogged dirt road on the island of Pemba a couple weeks ago, trying to find my way to a lighthouse where the BRCK team was s...

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