Impact Statement

Mobile connectivity has reached more than two-thirds of the world’s population, yet significant rifts in use of connectivity-enabled services exist.  

Moja WiFi is a connectivity and monetization platform that bridges the gap between BoP users in developing countries and the skills, knowledge & digital work available online by engaging those same users, who otherwise might not participate in the digital economy, with affordable access to the internet. Moja WiFi is rolling out the largest mesh WiFi network in Sub-Saharan Africa in the informal settlement of Mathare Valley in Nairobi.

Scaling the Moja Public WiFi solution narrows the global digital divide by increasing access to information and communications technology while helping to create a critical layer of economic resilience among residents and small businesses in emerging markets to combat poverty. 

Moja WiFi is solving the problem of 4 billion people worldwide who remain unconnected due to barriers of:

  • Access
  • Affordability
  • Digital literacy.

Most business models bringing connectivity to the last mile and the last meter in Africa makes it prohibitively expensive for the majority of consumers, who earn less than $5 a day,  to maintain perpetual connections.

For the 1 billion people living in informal settlements, Covid-19 disinformation can spread rapidly. Most prevention and awareness information is available digitally thus excluding those who struggle to pay for internet connectivity from accessing this information.

Our solution strengthens global internet last meter connectivity by increasing the number of internet access points particularly in low-income areas like Mathare where residents can redeem internet sessions by performing digital tasks on the Moja platform.  We are also area residents with basic internet skills and training on how to more effectively use the largest, greatest, most powerful network of knowledge and information in the world to improve their community.

Through Moja Public WiFi, they can now participate in network economic activities and benefit from educational, financial, e-government, and other valuable digital services on a regular basis.

We also fight misinformation and myths around Covid-19 by providing accurate, well sourced health information to users on the Moja platform that is adapted into language and formats locals residents can understand.

The value of a connected economy is no longer disputed in established markets where populations enjoy a significant advantage in their ability to engage in 21st-century economic activities by virtue of their relatively cheap, nearly ubiquitous, always-on, access to connectivity. Moja WiFi is working toward realizing these values in emerging markets.

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